Engineered Tools & Technologies

2018 Narrative

2018 Narrative

ET Squared, Engineered Tools & Technologies, was started in July of 2002 as a grassroots think tank/company whose goal is to create, design, and develop innovative products to mitigate the negative impact of human beings on our planet.

In the 1860’s the Industrial Revolution has given us today’s status quo. An energy system based on finite fossil fuels which is having detrimental effect upon Earth’s frail biospheres.

We believe it is our moral obligation to provide solutions to change the path we are on where the benefits are for the many, not just a few. As American innovators we know we can change the course of destruction by proposing cost effective solutions for building the clean/smart energy grid.

Principal Pete Tovani narrates the motivation behind ET Squared. Taking care of the Earth is as important to ET Squared as it should be to everyone for all of our well-being.

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The history of life on Earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings. To a large extent, the physical form and the habits of the earth’s vegetation and its animal life have been molded by the environment. Considering the whole span of earthly time, the opposite effect, in which life actually modifies its surroundings, has been relatively slight. Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species -man- acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world.” [br]– Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring)