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Foundation for ET Squared

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Foundation for ET Squared

June 22, 1988, Dr. James E. Hansen of NASA reported to a U.S. Senate committee that there was a correlation between global warming and the greenhouse effect.  In 2002, I started Engineered Tools & Technologies to work on projects that are interesting and important to me.

As the founder of ET Squared, who grew up in Boulder during the 1960’s and 70’s, I have been aware of the issue of Climate Change for over fifty years.  With tours of the university, the National Laboratories, NCAR and hikes with family, my awareness grew quickly on how we, human beings, are using up our limited natural resources.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention:  As a sixty-year-old American inventor and entrepreneur, I have learned how we can transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources while building economies of sustainability.  ET Squared is combining simple systems into a model that can easily be replicated anywhere in the world.

Talking with younger generations, we share an urgency to solve the problems we are faced with.  Instead of doing nothing, watching myopic despotic world leaders dismantle our environmental protections, people know it is our time to collectively make a stand.  All ages and peoples must work together, shoulder to shoulder, implementing the necessary changes to protect ourselves from those despots causing us harm. 

When Indian Peaks Wilderness Area was created and vehicles were no longer allowed on abandoned mining roads, my uncles took some of their nieces and nephews, for a drive.  I remember being in the same spot twenty years later while running with my cousin Wayne in the eighties.

Climate Change is an issue that is interesting and important to me.  Can human beings reverse the effects from the industrial revolution?  I think we can by putting simple systems together that lessen our dependence fossil fuels by using alternative resources from the status quo.

ET Squared would like to introduce the Energy Oasis Model.  This model is a common-sense solution that transitions us from a fossil fuel-based system to a sustainable energy grid.

The Energy Oasis Model brings agriculture into the 21st century, weaving urban farms along a city’s transit system, building net-zero developments, replacing decaying infrastructure.  What we build today is the legacy that insures our grandchildren’s environmental future.