Engineered Tools & Technologies

Wastewater Tech.

ET Squared provides technology for water and wastewater treatment to the municipal and industrial markets.

Energy Economy

Our capabilities include:

Waste Water Systems – ET Squared is designing the future for water and wastewater treatment systems. The following treatment process innovations are in development. These systems are designed to improve treatment and reduce capital, operation and maintenance costs over traditional practices. We are currently involved in the development of the following products.

Anaerobic Digestion, Mixing Systems & Energy Recovery

In anaerobic digestion, microbes break down organic material in a vessel that is free of oxygen and creates methane along with other gases, breaking down the waste into biogas for energy as well as generating fertilizer as a “by-product”. The waste-to-energy system is integrated with other alternative energy systems building a clean/smart energy grid providing the energy Americans demand.

  • Chemical Treatment
  • Preliminary Treatment
  • Residual Treatment
  • Dewatering
  • Equipment & Pump Design
  • Heat Transfer
  • Screening
  • Solids Processing